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Floral was designed three years after Coral light, based on a geometric polyhedral forms. Floral was designed to offer a softer more decorative offering alongside Coral which is more structured. The plywood finish can be all natural or painted creating a wide range of colour options. Floral comes in a range of sizes to suit any home or building.

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Floral comes in various sizes, making this model also applicable in any house or building. Dimensions 40 – 60 – 80 – 100 – 120 and 160 cm Ø.

Floral 400mm (16″)
Floral 600mm (24″)
Floral 800mm (31″)
Floral 1000mm (39″)
Floral 1200mm (47″)
Floral 1600mm (63″)
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